Multi-Cloud Expert Services

Multi-Cloud Experts

Our resources can transform business requirements into the best overall solutions utilizing multiple combinations of clouds, products, and hardware to ensure the best pricing and greatest ROI.

Our team consists of pre-sales and services experts versed in many products included the Nutanix Suite (Prism, Prism Pro, AHV, Flow, Files, Clusters, Beam, Security Central, Objects, Volumes, Mine, NDB, DR, and more).  They are  also highly skilled in third party products (Cisco, VMWare, Veeam, Palo Alto, Commvault, Checkpoint, Tuebora, Horizon, Citrix, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, and more. 

Seamless Clouds



We boast a CSAT/NPS score of 9.6/95 respectively, showing our dedication to our customers and their satisfaction on the results we deliver.  We can assist with Architectural Design, Implementation, Health Checks, Technical Account Management, and Residencies to ensure our customers maximize their investments and returns (ROI).

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Multiple areas of cloud expertise and solutions

Our services afford more than just a multi-cloud solution, we can help with cloud security, disaster recovery, data center refreshes, remote desktop solutions, DevOps in the cloud, and DB in the cloud.

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  • Security & DR
  • Data Center
  • Remote Desktop
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  • DB Analytics

Multi-Cloud Services

Nutanix multi-cloud offers customers the ability to manage their data centers from one hypervisor, obtain alerts, and upgrade machines without downtime or having to upgrade during weekends.  Nutanix one-tier architectural design groups four servers into clusters with redundancy so if one machine fails, the cluster continues to run.  Upgrades take one server out of the cluster, upgrades it, then puts it back in and replicates with no downtime.  Then repeat for each subsequent server until the entire data center is upgraded. 

Our team has the expertise to install, optimize, and run your Nutanix infrastructure.  We can help setup security and disaster recovery plus we can do it on Nutanix, Dell, or HP machines.  If you need a real low cost edge solution, we can help with Scale edge instead of Nutanix.  We will help find the best solution for your company’s business needs.

Security & DR

Cloud Security, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery

We have a variety of security solutions for Nutanix running on Nutanix, Dell, or HP.  Nutanix provides it’s own cloud security but we also partner with Palo Alto, Commvault, Checkpoint, and Tuebora to provide more options and a higher level of security for your private cloud.  Business continuity and disaster recovery solutions include the Nutanix DRaaS in the cloud and more traditional backup solutions utilizing Veeam and Exagrid.

With Ransomware and Denial of Service attacks becoming more commonplace, any cloud solution must be ready to restore their environments with minimal losses and as quickly as possible.  The combination of enhanced security solutions to protect your environment BEFORE it is attacked and a business continuity and disaster recovery plan to restore your environment AFTER an attack or disaster, is something that cannot be overlooked.

Security Solutions - Nutanix Security Central Product

Palo Alto Microsegmentation and Threat Protection with Nutanix

Checkpoint Gateway and Firewall Security with Nutanix

Commvault Active Defense, Data Recovery, Threat Scan, and Active Directory Metallic Backup

Tuebora Self-Driven Identity and Access Management

Nutanix DRaaS Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Veeam Backup and Disaster Recovery

Exagrid Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data Center

We can help you choose the best solution configuration for your datacenter. This includes assistance with datacenter refreshes, test environment sandboxes, and hybrid-cloud integration with NC2 for AWS or Azure. Nutanix AHV/Prism is agnostic software that can manage any environment from one hypervisor and allow you to initiate easier upgrades without downtime while running all your enterprise applications.

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop with Dizzion

Nutanix has remote desktop capabilities in conjunction with Dizzion (formerly Frame).  Users can get the best of the Nutanix Hybrid Multi-cloud using AHV and Prism on their hardware and add Dizzion for EUC remote desktop capabilities with unlimited scaling potential. 


DevOps - Nutanix Kubernetes Engine Solution

Nutanix Kubernetes Engine (formally known as Karbon) provides container orchestration and Kubernetes management

With the Kubernetes Engine you will be able to deliver a production ready Kubernetes environment on premise with push-button simplicity while preserving a native user experience.

RedHat DevOps

DB Analytics

Cloud DB & Analytics

Nutanix offers NDB (DBaaS) 

Hybrid multicloud DBaaS for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and MySQL. Efficiently and securely manage hundreds to thousands of databases.