Cloud Security & DR

Cloud Security, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery

We have a variety of security solutions for Nutanix running on Nutanix, Dell, or HP.  Nutanix provides it’s own cloud security but we also partner with Palo Alto, Commvault, Checkpoint, and Tuebora to provide more options and a higher level of security for your private cloud.  Business continuity and disaster recovery solutions include the Nutanix DRaaS in the cloud and more traditional backup solutions utilizing Veeam and Exagrid.

With Ransomware and Denial of Service attacks becoming more commonplace, any cloud solution must be ready to restore their environments with minimal losses and as quickly as possible.  The combination of enhanced security solutions to protect your environment BEFORE it is attacked and a business continuity and disaster recovery plan to restore your environment AFTER an attack or disaster, is something that cannot be overlooked.

Security Solutions - Nutanix Security Central Product

Palo Alto Microsegmentation and Threat Protection with Nutanix

Checkpoint Gateway and Firewall Security with Nutanix

Commvault Active Defense, Data Recovery, Threat Scan, and Active Directory Metallic Backup

Tuebora Self-Driven Identity and Access Management

Nutanix DRaaS Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Veeam Backup and Disaster Recovery

Exagrid Backup and Disaster Recovery