Multi-Cloud Solutions With Nutanix

Nutanix multi-cloud offers customers the ability to manage their data centers from one hypervisor, obtain alerts, and upgrade machines without downtime or having to upgrade during weekends.  Nutanix one-tier architectural design groups four servers into clusters with redundancy so if one machine fails, the cluster continues to run.  Upgrades take one server out of the cluster, upgrades it, then puts it back in and replicates with no downtime.  Then, repeat for each subsequent server until the entire data center is upgraded. 

Our team has the expertise to install, optimize, and run your Nutanix infrastructure.  We can help setup security and disaster recovery plus we can do it on Nutanix, Dell, or HP machines.  If you need a real low cost edge solution, we can help with Scale Computing edge servers instead of Nutanix.  We will help find the best solution for your company’s business needs.