Security Software

Cloud and Datacenter Security Options

Cloud, Firewalls, Edge, Cloud-Native, AI Driven

Their offerings include Cloud Delivered Security Services, Next Generation Firewalls, Secure Access Services Edge, Cloud-Native Application Protection, and AI Driven Security Operations.

Data Governance, Compliance, & Analytics

Security Solution offerings include data governance, compliance, and analytics features, enabling actionable insights. Their solutions include advanced backup, recovery, and data migration capabilities, ensuring data safety and seamless storage management

AI Network Security, Cloud Native, Remote Users, & Prevention

Checkpoint Security Software has four main product suites including Quantum, CloudGuard, Harmony, and Horizon.

Self-Driven Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Tuebora has one main product that consists of Access Control, Access Review, Policy Mining, Access Requests, Provisioning, SSO, and Password Management

Firewalls, E-Mail, Network, Application, and Data Protection with Security As A Service

Security Solution offerings include various solutions for e-mail, network, application and data protection.  There is a Security As A Service option utilizing their Managed XDR solution to run it as a SaaS application.