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We are the multi-cloud experts

We can transform your business needs and goals into a multi-cloud solution. Providing the hardware, software, security, and disaster recovery solutions you need.

Multi-Cloud with Nutanix

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We have highly skilled implementation specialists to help you build and manage your multi-cloud while maximizing your investment for a greater ROI

Nutanix Service Partner of Year 2022

Paired with FR Solutions as Nutanix's implementation team, FR Solutions was awarded the global services partner of the year award with the highest customer satisfaction ratings

2023 Site of the Month

Our website was recognized as a site of the month by Anomica


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We provide our satisfied customers with the best pricing and implementation services

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Our Expertise

Multi-Cloud Services

Our team has the expertise to install, configure, optimize, and run your Nutanix infrastructure.  We can help setup security and disaster recovery plus we can do it on Nutanix, Dell, HP, Lenovo, or Cisco machines.  If you need a real low-cost edge solution, we can help with Scale Computing edge instead of Nutanix.  We will help find the best solution for your company's business needs and ensure you have highly skilled resources to help you with maximizing your investment.

Customer First

Customer Solutions

We focus on our customer's business needs and map solutions based on the best configuration of hardware and software.  This ensures business compliance within budgets while showing ROI's for budgeting approvals.  Let our team help you find the best solution in the market.

For us, becoming a trusted advisor to our customers is our primary goal.  Our customers are our reason for being and as such, we will always ensure our customers are treated like royalty.

Our Commitment

Commitment to Value

We strive to provide the best pricing and push for the highest discounts as a reseller to our customers.  Our philosophy is to remain humble and treat our customers fairly instead of attempting to gouge our customers for the highest margins and thereby straining the relationship.  

Our commitment is to help our customers find the right solutions to meet their needs, even if we need to make new agreements with companies we don't currently resell with, over trying to force products onto our customers they don't need, simply to make a deal.