Barracuda Networks Software

Barracuda Networks provides NextGen Firewalls, E-Mail, Application, Network, and Data Protection.  

We are an authorized reseller for Barracuda Networks and have security implementation experts.

Barracuda offers a variety of products that when coupled together give the most comprehensive, quickest response towards cyber security risks.  Barracuda offers a 24/7/365 5-level security NOC capable of identifying threats utilizing AI techniques and extensive data spanning 20 years and hundreds of thousands of existing customer monitored events to detect alerts in as little as 2 seconds with full restoration and resolution within hours.  

Those alerts are classified by multi-level security professionals and based on the threat are escalated to the customer where remediation and isolation of the threat occurs immediately.  If you have any concerns around the rapid rise of Ransomware with the maturity of AI, we can give you a comprehensive solution to battle against it.  In the past three years of offering XDR to its customers, Barracuda can proudly say they have had zero “0” events occur when a customer has the full XDR platform in place.