Nutanix Cloud Manager

  Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM) is a hybrid multi-cloud management platform for building cloud operation models. The service provides Intelligent Operations, Self-Service, Cost Governance, and Security through the Nutanix Platform or through a SaaS subscription.

  The Intelligence Operations feature provides reporting mechanisms, capacity forecast and planning metrics, resource inefficiency detection and right-sizing capabilities, support for ESXi on non-ECI platforms, low/no-code operations automation, SQL server monitoring for IT Ops, application discovery, and self-tuning with machine learning.

  The Cost Governance features include cost metering for private cloud resources, multi-cloud visibility and optimization capabilities, and budgeting and chargeback tracking. Self-Service capabilities provide users access to the self-service marketplace, Iaas VM blueprints, advanced orchestration Runbooks, App blueprints, and governance solutions. Lastly, NCM Security Compliance features include security monitoring and remediation services, network security planning solutions, and regulatory compliance assistance.

  NCM is ideal for multi-cloud service coverage with support for Nutanix, VMWare, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Additionally, NCM includes broad coverage and ecosystem support encompassing out-of-box integration with various ITSM, IT-Sec, and automation platforms such as Qualys, Splunk, ServiceNow, and many others.


                                                     Nutanix Cloud Manager

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