Nutanix Central

  Nutanix Central provides users the capability for global visibility and reporting across hybrid multi-cloud infrastructures. The software establishes a cloud governance framework through federated IAM, fleet, global projects, and license management.

  Its single, easy-to-use dashboard allows users to view hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure across datacenters and physical locations, providing digestible metrics to ensure seamless infrastructural oversight. Cluster metrics, such as capacity utilization and alert summary statistics, further foster a streamlined interface in monitoring and maintaining your company’s infrastructure.

  The software provides users access to the marketplace, where users can select between recommended preferred-partner applications and utilize them in their desired domain. The Admin Center is an effective tool with which your company can efficiently manage common administrative tasks across Nutanix applications and registered domains. The cloud control pane and enterprise cloud governance mechanisms support multi-domain use cases including federated IAM, global projects, and global fleet management as well as single panes for multi-Prism Central management purposes.

In short, Nutanix Central allows users to manage the lifecycle of all Nutanix cloud services through a single console. Users can efficiently utilize all Nutanix services deployed across numerous domains with this product:

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