Why should you look into DBaaS?  Nutanix has a tool that provides Hybrid multi-cloud DBaaS for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and MySQL. Efficiently and securely manage hundreds to thousands of databases.

The time to provision a new database can be cut by 90%.  Our DBAs spend just 30% of their time on UATs with compute and storage resources, and database copies are available in an instant.  Time-to-market for new services has dropped from 2-4 days to 4-6 hours.   Nimish Valia, Head of Center of Excellence, Strategic Technologies, RBL Bank
DBaaS provides DB Lifecycle Management, DB Management at Scale, Self-Service DB Provisioning, and DB Protection in the Cloud.  The DBaaS provides the following:
  • Secure, consistent database operations – Automate database administration tasks to ensure operational and security best practices are applied consistently across your entire database fleet.
  • Accelerate software development – Enable developers to deploy databases with just a few clicks or commands directly from development environments to support agile software development.
  • Free up DBAs to focus on higher value activities – With automation handling day-to-day administration tasks, DBAs can spend more time on higher value activities.  Like optimizing database performance and delivering new features to developers.
  • Retain control and maintain database standards – Choose the right operating systems, database versions and database extensions to meet application and compliance requirements.
Overall, the advantages of utilizing this DBaaS product by Nutanix is worth the cost and helps companies to manage their DBs more efficiently. For information on purchasing this product, you can go to give a description of what you would like and we can provide pricing, Contact Us.  if you need services, you can look at our partnered services organization at https://www.frsolutionscorp.com and they can assist you.